SARTSO Saves Nathan

Sartso Jeans SAVES Nathan


Kevlar Jeans, in the biking industry we've all heard of them and many of us have made a purchase or several like myself over time, we all hope that day won't come where we have to test them out for the purpose their designed, unfortunately that took place for myself 4 weeks after purchasing my new bike in Australia a car veered straight across my path leaving with no where to go.

I collided with the vehicle at some 60km hour side on leaving myself airborne and heading for the Tarmac I wasn't sure how I was going to come out if this, and landing I slid for a good 7/10 metres down my side and back after a few minutes managed to stand up soon realising I was actually ok my Sartso 360's had taken a beating but the DuPont™ KEVLAR was what had made a difference in this instance. I can honestly say I'm so thankful I made my choice to purchase Sartso Jeans and when I'm ready to get back on the bike they'll be what I'm purchasing again.

A very happy customer.

Nathan 14/11/14